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Large container enclosures


Large container enclosures.

Large dimension enclosures which are used for store measurement devices or equipment sets of gas control stations.

Construction and finishing:

The construction of the enclosure is made of steel profiles, welded and secured by an anticorrosion paint. The cover is made of sandwich panels or galvanized steel sheet which is isulated by a mineral wool. The isulated steel doors are equipped with a door lock and a lockout prevention. The enclosure has transport lugs, a vent and a grounding. We paint it in a colour chosen by customer (RAL colour standard). 

Our products features: 

- a high quality and durability (the anticorrosion protection, high quality of a every paint layer)

- a concrete construction well-adjusted to transport (equipped with transport lugs and possible to unload using a forklift)

- a production process according to a project and customer's demanding (dimension of enclosure, personally adjusted additional elements on a basis of customer's demanding)


We can offer following finishing options :

1) A shed or gable roof

2) Single or double leaf doors

3) An acoustic or thermal isulation by sandwich plasters containing a mineral wool. 

4)The supporting construction on a basis of a frame with or without brackets (it is possible to put on whole enclosure on a finished gas control station).