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The universal container KU - 500

The universal container is used at building site to transport various types of materials (e.g. some rubble, building materials). It can also be useful to transport forage in farming.

KU 500

Transporter TP-250

The transporter TP-250 is intended to transport all manner of of plates: carpenter`s, plywoods and the plaster boards. 

tp-250 popr

Drywall/plasterboard panel, OSB board lifter

The lifter is designed to lift drywall/plasterboard panel, OSB board ect.. 


Hydraulic cart WH-1500

The hydraulic cart WH-1500 is used to transport inside factories. 


The tool chest: standard/jumbo

The tool chest is used to store and transport various tools or materials at the construction site.


Transport cart for doors and windows (type TOD-250)

Transport cart type TOD-250 is used to transport heavy windows and indoor doors of a store and other materials at construction site.

TOD 250

Tool chest

Tool chest