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Phone: +48 (85) 740 22 99


Our company has been actively cooperating with the school Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych w Białymstoku.


We fulfill cooperation agreements with the school Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych im. prof. J. Groszkowskiego w Bialymstoku. The field of activities concerns:

- offer for students an educational internship led by experienced our company workers 

- meetings for students organised in order to introduce profile of company, an employment structure and work organisation. 


Last year group of students attended training trip to our company. They acquired knowledge about:

- new technologies and solutions in the electrical industry,

- using gained knowledge and skills during education in actual work conditions,

- rules which company must follow to function in the electrical industry


Students' report concerning the training trip with a photo gallery 



The school Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych w Białymstoku website